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With CertainTeed’s Apollo® Solar Roofing System, Louisiana Homeowners Get Solar Power Without Compromising Curb Appeal


(Valley Forge, Pa.) – Thanks to CertainTeed’s new Apollo® Solar Roofing System and Highland Slate™designer shingles, Louisiana homeowners Larry and Carla Courson have a new roof that offers both solar power and the classic look of blended slate. The products were recommended by Wes Tichenor, owner of Ranger Development LLC, a roofing contractor in Monroe, La., after the Coursons’ Sterlington, La., home sustained heavy roof damage during a hail storm last spring.

“Wes said we ought to think about putting a solar system on the roof for energy savings, and he had me look at some information on the Apollo Solar Roofing System and speak with our local CertainTeed Roofing sales representative,” Courson says. “I was very interested in the energy savings and thought the system looked well designed, so I said we’d give it a try.”

The crew from Ranger Development was also interested in testing out the Apollo Solar Roofing System, as this was their first opportunity to install it. In July, the six-person crew removed the hail-damaged shingles and installed 120 Apollo integrated solar roofing panels (6.2 kW) and 52 squares of Highland Slate designer shingles in New England Slate on a 9/12 slope. Despite the challenge of the roof’s steep slope, the installation ran smoothly.

“Once we got the Apollo system unpackaged, looked it over and put the parts and pieces together, it was a fairly simple installation,” Tichenor says. “Basically, it’s comparable to installing the flashing for a big skylight. We assembled it and put it on while installing the underlayment and shingles around it.”

An electrician from Bannister Electric in West Monroe, La., worked along with the roofing crew easily hooking up the solar system to the home’s electrical wiring. Courson was very pleased with the finished product.

“Ranger Development did a good job, and the roof looks great,” Courson says. “The solar panels blend in very well. When we were looking at the brochures and samples of the product, Carla was very concerned that they might stand out too much, like the older solar panels, so she was pleasantly surprised by the results. Everything turned out well.”

“It’s a good system, and I think it will catch on,” Tichenor adds. “The older, more traditional solar panels are not pleasing to the eye, so if homeowners have the option of panels like this that are more integrated into a standard roof, I think more will start using them.”

The Apollo Solar Roofing System features high-performance polycrystalline photovoltaic (PV) panels designed to integrate discreetly into standard shingled roofs. The panels are lightweight, durable, resistant to wind uplift, and can easily be integrated into either an existing roof or while installing a new roof. Unlike rack-mounted solar systems, Apollo fully integrates with roofing shingles for a clean, seamless appearance. Its lightweight design does not require structural reinforcement or evaluation, making it easier for contractors to install while maintaining roof deck integrity.

The Apollo system is offered in pre-engineered kits containing all components necessary for installation. Apollo modules are Class A fire rated and meet UL 1703 requirements. The product qualifies for a 30 percent federal tax credit and may be eligible for state rebates and incentives listed at For more information on the Apollo system, visit

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