Malvern, PA,
13:28 PM

The Authentic Beauty of New CertainTeed® Cedar Impressions® Single 7-inch Perfection Shingle Siding Is Much More Than Skin Deep

Proprietary technology results in realistic blended color throughout each polymer panel – not just on the surface


(Malvern, Pa.) – Inconsistent exposure to sun, wind and rain can transform a home sided with fresh-cut cedar wood shingles, and not in a good way. A wall that faces the sun may acquire a faded, bleached-out look, while a different wall may become dark and mildewed. Repeated staining or bleach oil treatments are required to prevent unsightly discoloration and maintain a consistent appearance. Now there is a much easier way — introducing CertainTeed® Cedar Impressions® Single 7-inch Perfection Shingles with CedarLife™ Color Blends.

The new single-course polymer siding panel beautifully replicates the look of natural cedar shingles – and maintains that like-new look with virtually no maintenance. This is thanks to a proprietary, patent-pending manufacturing process that imparts CedarLife blended color throughout the shingle.

“Other variegated polymer siding panels have color applied only to the surface,” notes Brian Kirn, senior marketing manager for CertainTeed Siding. “The beauty of Cedar Impressions and our CedarLife blends is that the color can never wear off because it permeates the entire shingle. In fact, these shingles actually retain the look the homeowner fell in love with in the first place.”

Cedar Impressions Single 7-inch Perfection Shingles are available in four CedarLife blends: Natural Blend, to imitate the look of freshly cut white cedar; Cedar Blend, which evokes the warm, deep tones of freshly cut red cedar; Driftwood Blend, for the lustrous silver-gray appearance of aged white cedar; and Rustic Blend, which captures the seasoned look of aged red cedar.

The shingles also feature CertainTeed’s unique TrueTexture™ finish. CertainTeed was the first siding manufacturer to utilize real cedar boards, shingles and shakes in a direct transfer process that imparts molded textures and patterns to siding panels. Perfection shingles, like the Cedar Impressions Single-7-inch, have the striated look of milled cedar.

Single 7-inch Perfection Shingle panels are 73-1/2 inches in length, and a substantial .090-inch thick. This convenient, easy-to-install exterior cladding joins two other recently unveiled, industry-first extensions of the Cedar Impressions family: Individual 5-inch Sawmill Shingles and Triple 5-inch Straight Edge Sawmill Shingles.

CertainTeed offers unsurpassed Freedom of Choice® through its industry-leading portfolio of long-lasting polymer, insulated and vinyl siding as well as roofing, fence, railing, decking and exterior trim. CertainTeed provides the advantage of using exterior products from a single source that are designed to mix-and-match with each other and feature authentic textures, versatile styles and rich color combinations, for a beautifully coordinated look. As the result of a strong commitment to environmental responsibility, CertainTeed is also the first manufacturer to issue and publish third-party validated life cycle assessments (LCA) for its vinyl, trim, fence and railing product lines. For more information, visit

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