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New CertainTeed® CertaForm™ Flatwork Form System Provides Adjustable Solution for Concrete Contractors, Saving Time and Eliminating Jobsite Waste


(Valley Forge, Pa.) – With the introduction of CertainTeed’s new CertaForm™ Flatwork Form System, concrete contractors no longer need to worry about trimming lumber or other plastic forms for projects such as long slab edges or runs of multi-tiered stairs.

The CertaForm Flatwork Form System is a reusable polyvinyl chloride (PVC) lineal form that can be easily drilled, nailed and staked like standard forming lumber. Unlike wood forms, CertaForm does not absorb moisture, is chemical resistant, cleans quickly and does not warp or crack. It can also be reused for multiple jobs, providing a more sustainable alternative to standard wood forms.

“Trends in outdoor living put new demands on today’s concrete contractors to create interesting and unique flatwork designs,” said Mark DaSilva, senior marketing manager for CertainTeed Foundations. “The CertaForm Flatwork Form System and FlexForms create a complete system for tackling jobs of any shape or size.”

CertaForm Flatwork Form System is available in two profiles – a 2-inch x 6-inch form and a 2-inch x 4-inch adjustable form, both in 12-ft. lengths. The 2 x 4 adjustable form features a second 12 ft. form, which nests inside of the first form and can be slid out to create a form ranging in length from 12 to 23 ft. This eliminates the need to cut boards to length to fill gaps less than 12 ft.

“By simply telescoping the adjustable form to the required length, CertaForm Flatwork Form System virtually eliminates the need to trim lumber to length,” DaSilva said. “It’s ideal for projects such as multi-tiered stairways where several lengths of un-needed lumber are typically cut off and discarded.”

When a flatwork form longer than 23 ft. is needed, multiple forms can be connected by simply sliding the inner profile of one form into the outer profile of the second. This creates a snug, continuous run of forms and eliminates the need to stake at both sides of the joint. Also, the nested nature of the adjustable form enables 24 ft. of formwork to be transported in the same space as one 12 ft. form. And even when nested, the forms only weigh 13 lbs. for easier handling from truck to jobsite.

The 2-inch x 6-inch CertaForm Flatwork Form System comes with a connection rod that enables multiple forms to be connected without staking both sides of the joint. And both the 2 x 4 and 2 x 6 forms come with a connection clip that enables quick and easy attachment to CertaForm FlexForms, delivering a seamless transition from straight to curved surface faces.

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