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Make Time Stand Still with Revolutionary CertainTeed® Cedar Impressions® Individual 5-inch Sawmill Shingle Siding

Industry-first CedarLife™ color blends replicate different stages of shingle weathering – and retain unique shading for the life of the shingle


(Malvern, Pa.) – Introducing an unparalleled alternative to traditional cedar shingle siding that looks exactly like real wood. New Cedar Impressions® Individual 5-inch Sawmill Shingles from CertainTeed bring together the performance benefits of an industry-first polymer design and proprietary manufacturing technology to deliver one-of-a-kind beauty and performance never before seen in a polymer shingle. This proprietary process combines new CedarLife™ color technology with TrueTexture™ molded textures and patterns, which simulate the look of natural cedar shingles sawn in a lumber mill.

Available in four CedarLife color families in varying widths, these gorgeous shingles capture cedar’s rustic charm while offering the design flexibility, easy installation and minimal maintenance of individual polymer shingles. The unique benefit of CedarLife blended colors is the accurate replication of the natural aging process of cedar. With each progression of shades, homeowners can basically “stop time,” choosing a freshly sawn or aged appearance and enjoying that preferred look for the life of the shingles. Different shades can also be combined for a stunning effect.

“Our product development team listened to extensive feedback from both homeowners and contractors to create a truly fresh innovation in one of the most popular siding categories,” said Brian Kirn, senior marketing manager for CertainTeed Siding. “With our new individual shingles, contractors have the ability to showcase their craftsmanship and provide homeowners with an incredibly attractive, durable and low-maintenance substitute for real cedar shingles.”

The beauty of natural cedar shingles is undeniable. However, inconsistent exposure to sun, wind and rain can transform the appearance of a home sided with fresh-cut shingles to a faded, bleached-out look on one wall, and a dark, mildewed appearance on another. Repeated staining or bleach oil treatments are required to prevent unsightly discoloration.

Cedar Impressions Individual 5-inch Sawmill Shingles solve this dilemma with CedarLife, industry-first color blends that replicate the appearance of natural Eastern White Cedar and Western Red Cedar at various stages of weathering. CertainTeed’s proprietary, patent-pending manufacturing process results in color throughout the shingle, unlike competing products with color applied only to the surface.

The four CedarLife color families are: Natural Blend, with the look of freshly cut white cedar; Cedar Blend, which evokes the warm, deep tones of freshly cut red cedar; Driftwood Blend, for the lustrous silver-gray appearance of aged white cedar; and Rustic Blend, which captures the seasoned look of aged red cedar. Each of these color families is available in Light, Medium and Dark options.

Professionals and homeowners can use CertainTeed’s CedarLife Blend-it™ color selector tool to try out different blended color combinations (

Building professionals will benefit from their ability to offer customers the unique beauty of a home sided with Cedar Impressions Individual 5-inch Sawmill Shingles. Those accustomed to working with natural cedar shingles can readily apply their knowledge, and contractors experienced with polymer panels will find it easy to learn installation techniques as well. With seven widths in each box – 4, 4-1/4, 4-1/2, 5, 5-3/4, 7-3/4 and 8 inches – the installer can create random patterns that take advantage of the different shingle size and color options.

Although they install like real wood, Cedar Impressions® Individual 5-inch Sawmill Shingles eliminate many of the steps required with natural cedar shingles. On-site finishing with stains or bleach is unnecessary, and the shingles install easily around corners, doors and windows, which minimizes waste.

Cedar Impressions® Individual 5-inch Sawmill Shingles are currently available in the New England and Mid-Atlantic regions. Later this year, the product line will be expanded to include 12 long-lasting solid colors that look like freshly painted cedar: Autumn Red, Sable Brown, Hearthstone, Spruce, Pacific Blue, Flagstone, Sterling Gray, Cyprus, Natural Clay, Savannah Wicker, Buckskin and Snow.

CertainTeed offers unsurpassed Freedom of Choice® through its industry-leading portfolio of long-lasting polymer, insulated and vinyl siding as well as roofing, fence, railing, decking and exterior trim. CertainTeed provides the advantage of using exterior products from a single source that are designed to mix-and-match with each other and feature authentic textures, versatile styles and rich color combinations, for a beautifully coordinated look. As the result of a strong commitment to environmental responsibility, CertainTeed is also the first manufacturer to issue and publish third-party validated life cycle assessments (LCA) for its vinyl, trim, fence and railing product lines. For more information, visit

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