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LightFrame® Translucent Ceiling and Wall System from Decoustics Combines Interior Lighting Control with Superior Acoustics


(Valley Forge, Pa.) – Decoustics, the custom acoustic product division of CertainTeed Ceilings, is giving architects and interior lighting consultants more control over indoor lighting and sound quality with the introduction of its LightFrame® translucent ceiling and wall system.

Consisting of a precision monofilament fabric membrane stretched over an extruded aluminum frame, LightFrame provides modular, accessible panels that offer light transmission rates of at least 80 percent and NRC values of up to 90 percent. The LightFrame fabric optimizes artificial and natural light transmission without color shift, giving an even illumination. Extremely narrow seams and an elliptic profile ensure illuminated surfaces are practically shadow-free. Furthermore, the LightFrame fabric has been tested for superior acoustical performance, so designers no longer have to choose between light transmission and sound reduction when selecting ceiling and wall finishes.

“Good interior lighting and acoustics go a long way toward increasing employee concentration in the workplace, student engagement at school, and can even shorten hospital stays by creating a more natural healing environment,” said Christian Kellett, director of sales and marketing for Decoustics. “LightFrame provides a higher level of control over these important variables and builds upon Decoustics’ reputation for providing custom interior finishing solutions that contribute to dynamic architectural design.”

LightFrame is available in square and rectangle panels, as well as larger panel sizes, making even the most elaborate design possible. The factory-made panels are constructed by stretching translucent fabric over a 3-inch deep aluminum frame and holding the fabric in place with a spline. A second membrane is then applied to the top of the panel to prevent contaminates from impacting the system’s visual appeal. Upon installation, the panels are tightened together, tensioning the fabric membrane. Once loosened, the panels can be pivoted vertically to provide access to the plenum. Unlike other translucent ceiling and wall systems, LightFrame doesn’t require the use of a heating element to stretch the fabric into place, meaning it can be installed in a greater number of projects.

For over 35 years, Decoustics has served as a leader in interior architectural products through the design and manufacture of innovative acoustical ceiling panels, wall panels and systems. A CertainTeed Ceilings company, Decoustics specializes in custom-engineered, high-precision solutions backed by world-class expertise and technical support. For more information, visit

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