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CertaSpray® Spray Foam Insulation From CertainTeed Contributes to Energy Efficiency in Mississippi Homeless Shelter Rehab


(Valley Forge, Pa.) – CertainTeed Corporation and Foamman Insulation recently partnered to provide significant energy savings to a Mississippi homeless shelter by installing CertaSpray® open cell spray foam insulation during a recent remodel.

The non-profit Community Care Network (CCN) helps homeless women and children become self-sufficient and create better lives for themselves. In early 2012, the organization purchased a large home with nine bedrooms, allowing CCN to serve many more families and improve operations.

What was expected to be a minor repair job quickly evolved into a total renovation. With the walls gutted of wiring and stripped down to the studs, Executive Director Diane Easley saw an opportunity to ensure better energy efficiency and reduce energy costs for years to come by using CertaSpray spray polyurethane foam (SPF) insulation.

“Diane was no stranger to the energy savings benefits of SPF,” said Tobias Torjusen, owner of Foamman Insulation, who applied SPF in Diane’s home after Hurricane Katrina. Torjusen estimates that installing CertaSpray in the CCN home will results in at least a 50 percent savings over what is being utilized in its current state.

“Community Care Network is an outstanding organization that makes a big impact in our community every day, and I knew immediately I wanted to help,” Torjusen said.

“CertainTeed is thrilled that CertaSpray was installed in the project. Spray foam is one of the best ways to create a comfortable and energy efficient home, and we’re confident Community Care Network and the families it serves will enjoy these benefits for years to come,” said Shawn Beears, manager, product management for CertainTeed Insulation.

With the donation from CertainTeed, along with donated material, time and effort from his own company, Torjusen applied more than 55,000 board feet of open cell SPF to the home.

“Remodels are typically very difficult because homeowners often try to keep the same HVAC system and windows. However, that scenario doesn’t offer a significant return on investment,” Torjusen said. “While the Community Care Network didn’t intend to undertake a total renovation, it provided a perfect opportunity to give them the best house possible, with a less expensive, downsized HVAC system, new windows and great SPF insulation. They will be receiving what is essentially a new home that was designed to function at its best.”

“The building had many gaps and cracks, poor windows, old air conditioning equipment and duct leakage in the hot attic space,” added Torjusen. “CCN won’t just be receiving a new building—they’ll be receiving a building that will provide energy savings and cost savings each month.”

The energy cost savings will make a big difference to the organization’s all-volunteer staff. Diane Easley agrees, saying, “We were able to purchase this home because it was a foreclosure, but our budget did not allow for the many thousands of extra dollars in repair work the home needed.”

Fortunately, the center was able to secure workers that volunteered their time and materials to complete nearly all of the work needed in the home.

The Community Care Network is one of only four organizations in Mississippi to be awarded the “Excellence in Action” award by the Mississippi Center for Nonprofits, for outstanding management (100 percent of the center’s donations go towards client care).

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