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CertainTeed’s New CertaForm™ Leave in Place Form Helps Contractors Save Time and Money on One-Sided Foundation Drainage Applications


(Valley Forge, Pa.) – With the introduction of CertainTeed’s new CertaForm™ Leave in Place Form, poured wall contractors can now reap the benefits of the company’s Form-A-Drain™ Foundation Drainage System in one-sided drainage applications.

CertaForm Leave in Place Form (LIPF) can be used in conjunction with Form-A-Drain when forming foundation footings in areas where building codes require only one-sided drainage. Comprised of 100 percent recycled material, CertaForm LIPF is engineered to be left in place along the foundation footing, eliminating the need for crews to return to the jobsite to strip and clean standard concrete forms.

“Building codes in a majority of the U.S. require a foundation drainage system be installed only on one side of the footing,” said Mark DaSilva, senior manager, marketing and product management for CertainTeed Foundations. “Builders and contractors can now realize the time savings and performance benefits of Form-A-Drain on one-sided applications by using CertaForm LIPF on the opposite side.”

Initially available as a 6-inch high by 12-foot long form, CertaForm LIPF is designed to deliver forming rigidity at a cost that allows contractors to leave it in place after the footing is formed. It works like standard footing forms, requiring no special staking, and because it is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), it is lighter than lumber at only .53 lbs. per foot.

Form-A-Drain is a three-in-one system that forms and drains foundation footings and acts as the sub-slab perimeter component of a radon reduction system. PVC lineal sections are used in place of wood or aluminum to form the footing and remain in place after the concrete is poured. After installation, Form-A-Drain collects groundwater through multiple side vents and transports it to a sump pit or a drainage pipe to divert water out of the home. Harmful radon gas is also collected and safely evacuated through a separate vent pipe.

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