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CertainTeed Introduces High Performance ToughGard Ultra*Round Spiral Duct Liner


(Valley Forge, Pa.) – The superior acoustical, thermal and moisture control performance of CertainTeed’s fiberglass duct liner is now available for spiral duct applications with the introduction of ToughGard Ultra*Round Duct Liner. The liner has distinct advantages over double-wall construction duct liner that can contribute to time and cost savings for builders and contractors.

ToughGard Ultra*Round is a fiberglass duct liner overlaid with an extremely tough and durable fire-resistant black composite air stream surface, which is scored to allow for easy installation in spiral air ducts. It eliminates the cost of perforated metal lining of double-wall construction and is lighter and easier to install. It also has improved acoustical performance and may eliminate the need for pins and adhesives in most straight duct sections.

“Our HVAC insulation products are proven to enhance system efficiency and contribute to more healthy and acoustically sound buildings,” said Ken Forsythe, senior product manager for CertainTeed’s Mechanical and Industrial Insulation group. “The addition of ToughGard Ultra*Round to our product portfolio brings these benefits to an even greater number of applications, and provides real cost savings over double-wall spiral construction for builders and contractors.”

ToughGard Ultra*Round Duct Liner helps absorb equipment and air rush noise over a broad spectrum of sound by trapping and dissipating it within the glass fiber matrix. It also provides excellent thermal-insulating properties and lower HVAC operating costs by reducing energy consumption. Its thermal properties help control condensation, which helps improve indoor air quality by reducing unwanted moisture. Finally, the black facing with our exclusive black mat leads to clean-looking installations.

Additionally, ToughGard Ultra*Round contains an EPA registered antimicrobial agent to ward off potential mold and microbial growth on the liner surface.

For more information, please contact your local territory manager.

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