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CertainTeed Helps Ceiling Contractors Install Longer Unsupported Spans in Less Time and Reduce Labor Costs with New Innovative QuickSpan™ Support Clip


The design and engineering of grid systems and their components can mean the difference between a fast, efficient and simple installation or a complex, time-consuming and costly job. While the vast majority of grid systems require hanger wires placed every three to four feet to ensure structural stability, CertainTeed has designed a new suspension system accessory that vastly decreases the number of wires per job. This increases installation efficiency and reduces labor costs by allowing fewer installers to install more square footage in less time. Say hello to the QuickSpan Support Clip.

Designed as part of the CertainTeed Quickspan Locking Drywall Grid System, the QuickSpan Support Clip provides load-bearing support, allowing for longer unsupported spans and wider hanger spacing with a reduction of up to 50% fewer hanger wires. Installers simply slide, snap and fasten the clip in place to support spans up to 16 feet with hanger wire spacing up to 78”.

The Quickspan Locking Drywall Grid System from CertainTeed has been a go-to for industry professionals looking to save time and money on the jobsite. Convenient pre-measured tabs make layout a breeze, while cross tees easily lock into channels without the need for screws. An audible click lets installers know when a cross tee is locked in place. In addition, heavy-duty material provides maximum rigidity without the fear of deflection or rolling.

“With QuickSpan Support Clip, contractors can now plan longer spacing for drywall ceilings in hallways and corridor applications,” said Tom Murray, product manager of suspension systems at CertainTeed Ceilings. “The accessory provides a huge savings in time and labor costs.”

By enabling longer ceilings spans, the QuickSpan Support Clip allows for wider spanning tee spacing at 24 inches on center, and provides easier connection at walls utilizing the patented QuickSpan locking channel. A hammered edge also protects installers hands from sharp metal edges while embossed grooves make for easy snapping placement.

This innovative new product is another reminder of CertainTeed’s commitment to supporting architects, contractors and installers with new and easy-to-use accessories and ceiling solutions. From hotels to hospitals, condominiums to office buildings, CertainTeed products can make nearly any job easier, faster and more efficient.

For more information on the Quickspan Locking Drywall Grid System, and to watch a side-by-side comparison and installation video, visit:

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