Philadelphia, PA,
18:00 PM

CertainTeed® CertaSpray® Closed Cell Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation 
Receives Approval for Use In ABAA-Specified Projects


(Valley Forge, Pa.) – CertainTeed Corporation announced today that its CertaSpray® Closed Cell Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation has completed the Air Barrier Association of America’s (ABAA) air barrier materials evaluation process. The approval provides architects and specifiers more options when working on ABAA-specified projects and provides third-party assurance of product performance.

Products, such as CertaSpray, are included in ABAA Model Specifications once a material has completed an evaluation process and the manufacturer has demonstrated that its product meets technical criteria — including air permeance and water vapor permeance.

“Completion of this evaluation process now gives ABAA-certified contractors the opportunity to benefit from CertaSpray’s high-performance and consistent processing for ABAA-specified jobs,” said Lionel Rossignol, product manager, CertainTeed Insulation. “Architects and specifiers now have the added assurance of a job done right with ABAA’s contractor certification and on-site quality assurance program.”

To ensure quality control, ABAA-specified projects must also be completed by a certified contractor. Quality control measures include daily density checks, adhesion testing and maintaining work logs. An ABAA-certified auditor will also conduct at least one site visit during the project to check for compliance with its quality assurance program.

Air barrier materials, such as CertaSpray, are used to reduce the flow of air into and out of buildings and construct tighter building envelopes. Air infiltration reduction from air barrier materials can significantly lower heating and cooling costs for the building owner by minimizing the energy required to condition infiltrating air. Tighter buildings can also improve indoor air quality and minimize the potential for moisture problems in wall assemblies. Because of these qualities, air barriers are becoming adopted in state codes, model energy codes, and many voluntary energy efficiency programs.

About ABAA
ABAA is a center of excellence for the air barrier industry. It aims to raise the standard of proficiency in the industry through the ABAA On-Site Quality Assurance Program. The ABAA plays a pivotal role in the education, lobbying and marketing of the industry to stakeholders. The association is involved in continuing education programs for installers, estimators, managers and administrators. Additionally, it offers American Institute of Architects- (AIA) accredited courses for design professionals.

About CertainTeed

Through the responsible development of innovative and sustainable building products, CertainTeed, headquartered in Valley Forge, Pa., has helped shape the building products industry for more than 100 years. Founded in 1904 as General Roofing Manufacturing Company, the firm's slogan "Quality Made Certain, Satisfaction Guaranteed," quickly inspired the name CertainTeed. Today, CertainTeed® is North America’s leading brand of exterior and interior building products, including roofing, siding, fence, decking, railing, trim, foundations, pipe, insulation, gypsum, ceilings and access covers.

A subsidiary of Saint-Gobain, the world’s largest building products company, CertainTeed and its affiliates have more than 6,000 employees and more than 65 manufacturing facilities throughout the United States and Canada. Recognized as a 2009 and 2010 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, CertainTeed earned the 2011 ENERGY STAR Sustained Excellence Award, the highest level of recognition for outstanding contributions to protecting the environment through energy efficiency. The group had total sales of approximately $3.2 billion in 2011.