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CertainTeed Announces Insulation Solutions to Meet Title 24 California Energy Standard

Manufacturer takes the guess work out of new energy efficiency & code compliance requirements


CertainTeed, a leading North American manufacturer of building materials, is poised to rollout streamlined solutions that comply with new California Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards. Title 24 standards in California are designed to ensure new and existing buildings achieve energy efficiency and preserve indoor environmental quality.

With a focus on attic and bath enclosure insulation, CertainTeed Insulation is offering easy-to-install solutions to help meet the standard in the state.

“CertainTeed Insulation has been preparing for Title 24 for some time now; and we are ready to roll out a robust system for builders and contractors to seamlessly meet these requirements in California,” said Drew Brandt, vice president of marketing, CertainTeed Insulation. “Understanding how difficult new code compliance can be , we are releasing turnkey solutions to get our customers ready for the job ahead.”

Regarding the attic, per Title 24, roof and ceiling insulation shall be installed in a ventilated attic with an R-value equal to or greater climate zone requirements. Understanding this, CertainTeed Insulation has rolled out attic solutions for compliance on Option B and C (Performance) of Title 24.

Option B attics require a minimum R-value of insulation installed between the roof rafters in contact with the roof deck and an additional layer of ceiling insulation located between the attic and the conditioned space when meeting Section 150.1(c)9A of Title 24. To ensure better energy efficiency, moisture management and durability, CertainTeed offers a solution using R13 SmartBatt fiber glass batts with MoistureSense™ Technology face stapled between the rafters, and installing R30-38 Sustainable Insulation® batts or InsulSafe® SP Blown-in on the attic floor.

SmartBatt is the optimal choice for Option B for numerous reasons; among them:

  • Meets Stringent QII Requirements - No draping or sagging like with unfaced insulation and wires, no compression caused by stapling batt to roof deck. SmartBatt fills the entire cavity.

  • Faster/More Comfortable Install – No wires required, installs quickly using hammer tackers, and with less dust.

  • Exceptional Moisture Management – SmartBatt’s Innovative Smart Vapor Retarder Technology helps reduce the risk of moisture build up and mold growth, while also managing to pass moisture management requirements for every zone in California.

  • Class A Fire Rated – SmartBatt is the first kraft faced batt to meet Class A Fire requirements, making it a viable roof deck solution.

  • Less Thermal Bridging – SmartBatt meets six-sided contact requirements and face stapling reduces compression.

When it comes to Option C (performance) around Title 24, attics require a minimum R-value of ceiling insulation located between the attic and the conditioned space when meeting Section 150.1(c)9B. The R-value of insulation varies from R30 to R38 depending on the climate zone.

Unvented sealed attic solutions have been recently introduced as one possibility to meet Option C, using fiberglass in contact with the roof deck (with no air gap). The insulation can either be a boxed netting solution with insulation blown in a stapled fabric to give the shape of a box, or unfaced batts held by metallic wires. Enter SmartBatt as the more effective solution to meet criteria for performance:

  • Easier/Safer, with Increased Flexibility – Air sealing is at the face of the insulation vs. roof deck; added flexibility to seal where accessible (no need to seal in high pitches).

  • No Thermal Bridging – SmartBatt meets six-sided contact requirements and face stapling reduces compression. Thermal breaks are avoided by installing SmartBatt as a continuous layer below the rafters.

  • Lower Volume of Conditioned Space – Due to the dropped ceiling effect of this installation method, attic temperatures in which ductwork must be run, is greatly reduced. This helps to reduce/avoid ductwork condensation.

  • Roof Deck Remains Ventilated at the Ridge – Increased efficiencies and air flow for moisture management.

Title 24 (QII) also addresses requirements for bath enclosures - the requirements state that (C11) insulation must be installed behind tub, shower, or fireplace enclosures, and exterior stairwells to the R-value listed on the CF1R when located against exterior walls. Any type of insulation may be installed as long as it completely fills the void and is in full contact on all six sides of the air barrier.

SmartBatt with taped seams can again meet these requirements and provide performance for the life of the home:

  • Meets Thermal, Air Tightness & Six-Sided Contact QII Requirements

  • Exceptional Moisture Management – Unlike Vapor Permeable house wraps, SmartBatt’s Innovative Smart Vapor Retarder Technology helps reduce the risk of moisture build up and mold growth. Plus, it passes moisture management requirements for every zone in California.

  • Easy Installation – Can be installed by insulation contractors or framers.

  • SmartBatt Stays Put – Unfaced insulation and house wrap can have a tendency to settle and/or fall out of the cavity.

CertainTeed will be officially announcing news on Title 24 solutions for the first time at the Pacific Coast Builders Conference, June 26-28.

For more information about CertainTeed’s Title 24 Solutions and to get in touch with a Title 24 specialist, visit

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